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If you have a bey you can't defeat or beat write it down and I'll make top three combos that can beat it or draw with it btw if you dont have the parts for the combo pm or tell me on talkpage what parts you got ^^ and i'll see what i can do :) e.g hell kerbecs vs Earth Bull DF145 SF.
Clearwheel4d quetzal

Balance energy ring


Put the combos you want to beat below and we will put a comb to beat it(if it exists, of course!!!):

  1. Galaxy KerbecsW105RF (created by Rick123): any good stamina combo will do the trick
  2. Diablo Kerbecs R145 MB (created by Blade0886): I heard someone say that using B:D will do, but I doubt it. Just use anything with a wider metal wheel that will improve its stamina and something between 160 to 190 and an extra stamina tip. R145 makes Diablo Kerbecs lose a lot of stamina.
  3. Poison Bull 125 (or maybe it's 145) SF (I'm not sure because it looks like a SF but acts like a CS) I've tried B:D but it doen't work.(created by Icepegasus)