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Pokémon movie 1

First Ever Pokémon Movie.

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Ash Ketchum BW

Ash Ketchum

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Ash's Starter Pokémon.

Satoshi tajiri

Satoshi Tijiri.

Pokémon is short for Pocket monster , it was made in 1996 by a man named Satoshi Tajiri. The main character in the show is named Ash but in the Japanese version his name is Satoshi named after the creator of the whole thing. Pokémon is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo. Pokémon is the second most lucrative video game-based media franchse in the world , In first place is Mario which belongs to the same company Nintendo. Pokémon is not just a TV show and game, the there are toys , Manga books , trading cards and other media. Pokémon celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006 and In May 2008 calculated sales of things to do with Pokémon (even the game) have reached more than 200 Million copies worldwide. Overall Pokémon is doing very well and always will.

Today Pokémon is loved by Millions all over the world and people of all ages watch the show. Ash is the main Character of the show and his starter Pokémon Was Pikachu. The first Pokémon movie was called Pokémon: The First Movie ,it came out on November the 12th and featured Mew and Mewtwo and in cinemas you get a free Mewtwo Pokémon Card with each Ticket you buy.

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