Energy ring : Bull- it's perfectly balanced, so it's comonly used for Defense and Stamina combos. It could do a lot of damage if using it to do upper attacks.


bull energy ring

Metal Wheel : Poison- this wheel is very similar to Dark, Mad and Heat, but it's the least useful of the four. It suffers form a large amount of recoil. It has 15 blades, so it's good for smash attacks.


Metal Wheel Poison

Spin Track : 125- It's a mid-height spin track good for stamina. It's not so popular now as it was before, because T125 is almost the same as this, except for the 4 spikes. It works the same way.


Spin Track 125

Bottom : SF- it's initailly used in balance beys, but now, it's being used mostly on stamina beys. It is not as sharp as a S bottom, nor as flat as any F bottom. It is both aggressive and balanced.


bottom SF